A Laugh For Life Comedy Night is a low cost, low hassle way for PRC's to connect with

New Donors. Once those first Test Gifts are given, your Center will be poised to

receive ongoing generous support from your new Donor Friends.

Put Your Center Center Stage
with a
Laugh For Life Comedy Night

A Laugh For Life Comedy Night is the perfect “between-banquets” event to showcase your Center and ACQUIRE NEW DONORS. And unlike a banquet, there are no meals to serve. No speeches to prepare. No table hosts to organize. And no $30 per plate price tag!

Just find a venue, spread the word, and let a Laugh For Life comedian do the rest.

Finding New Donors is one of the biggest challenges PRC's face. The Love Offering taken at a Comedy Night opens the door for New Donors to get some “skin in the game” supporting your ministry. ​​

"Thanks Paul, it was a great night...and we can build off the momentum for next year!"
 Jennifier Bartlett - Executive Director,  Life Net of Missoula

Mike G. Williams

  • Potential donors must HEAR about a need
  • They must be INVITED TO GIVE
  • If convinced, donors typically give a small TEST GIFT
  • Donors wait to see RESULTS from, and APPRECIATION for, their gift 
  • If their Test Gift leads to Results, they are likely to GIVE AGAIN and GIVE MORE

Laugh For Life has developed MATERIALS and put together a STEP-BY-STEP ACTION PLAN to insure that your Comedy Night will hit the New Donor target you’re aiming at.

For more info about how to make a Comedy Night Friend-raiser work for you, contact:

    Gloria Leyda
    Ambassador Speakers Bureau
    615.370.4700 x235