For the past 2 decades Robert G. Lee has used his talents to help raise millions of dollars for Pregnancy Resource Centers, Christian schools, and Pro-Life Organizations across the nation. He has seen firsthand how using clean humor can break down defenses and open people (and their wallets) to a life- giving message.

Robert has been known as Hollywood’s top warm-up comic, keeping audiences entertained on sitcoms from “Golden Girls” to “Old Christine.” He’s written and directed a faith-based movie and was the Drama Director for his church for over 16 years, but people are usually most excited when they hear he’s even written for “Veggie Tales.”


“THANK YOU! My jaw hurt at the end of the night because I was smiling and laughing so much. We made our highest profit ever!”

Deborah Rigg

Christian School

Gloria Leyda
Ambassador Speakers Bureau
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Gordon Douglas's 25 years as the head of the pastoral board for the Delaware County Pregnancy Center shows a level of dedication and commitment many just talk about. But it is the ability to combine his pastors heart and background in comedy that has over 50% of the centers booking him to return the next year.

“I know some folks are hesitant to book me when they see the word “comedian”, but when they see how seriously I take this ministry, and how I use humor to connect with the audience before presenting the serious battle we are in- I hope they will change their minds, because folks in a good mood will respond better to the appeal, and isn’t that why we are there? ”


“Gordon Douglas made us laugh with all his comedy, but brought tears to our eyes through heart warming stories. Everyone who attended really enjoyed Gordon. We MORE THAN DOUBLED our previous year’s banquet funds raised!”
Wanda Jenovese

Life Choices PRC 

The fact that Mike Williams is booked and re-booked over and over again by the same organizations says a lot about his ability to consistently deliver “over the top” fundraising results. 

If you are doing a fundraiser, you owe it to yourself to consider Mike Williams. He not only speaks at PRC fundraisers, he consults for their banquets all over the country. His website is considered the quintessential “must see” site for direction in producing a flawless fundraising banquet. Mike has the ability to articulate your ministry’s cause with passion and power... and your group will be laughing while they write their checks. Mike says, “Laughing people just give more - and they are glad they gave!”


"Mike was by far the best banquet speaker we've ever had! We've received numerous (30+) requests by email and on the back of our pledge card begging us to have Mike back next year! We're obliging them!"
Dawn Orman

Life Choice PRC

​​​​​​Paul Aldrich is a comedian, inspirational speaker, and board chairman of Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee. Paul’s “funny music” and hilarious stand-up comedy have been featured at thousands of faith-based and corporate events around the world and can be heard daily on Laugh USA Radio. As a recording artist, Paul has 13 projects to his credit, including his award-winning CD MOCK ‘n’ ROLL. But most importantly, Paul Aldrich is an effective PRC fundraiser!

“When it comes to PRC fundraising, I use the ‘cheerful giving’ approach. As we laugh, sing, and truly celebrate life together - the giving just naturally flows. I count it a privilege to partner with incredible PRC leaders and supporters around the country as they win the battle for Life - one life at a time.”


"Paul did a fabulous job expressing the heart of our Center. Giving increased!!"
-Pam Gill, PSC of Southside VA

"Paul was awesome. We raised more money than ever before - over $160,000!!!"
Tracy Okus

Women's PC Ocala FL


Mike G. Williams