Mike G. Williams

Robert G Lee

Paul Aldrich

Gordon Douglas

Friend-Raising Comedy Nights Get Results!

"Laugh for Life was a perfect opportunity to bring our community

together for a time of laughter and encouragement."
-Shawn Stevenson, Executive Director of Life Services Spokane WA

900 Guests  -  130 First Time Givers  -  Over $14,000 Gross Funds Raised​

Mike Williams

Dear Life-Saving friends,

At Laugh For Life we take fundraising very seriously. Our ultimate goal is to empower you to save more lives!​ We Laugh For Life comedians are the most booked and re-booked PRC fundraising speakers in the country for a reason: Joyful people give more. And when joyful giving flows, lives are saved and God is glorified.

Yes, Laugh For Life events are all about cheerful giving. No manipulation. No guilt-driven appeals you may have to apologize for later. Instead, each Laugh For Life fundraising banquet and friend-raising Comedy Night is designed to be the most fun night out folks will enjoy all year. And then next year they’ll not only come back, they’ll want to bring their friends along too!

Our goal for each fundraising event is not only to increase one-time giving but to turn one-time givers into monthly donors that will stay with you for years. Donors want to support a winning team and that’s the positive message a Laugh For Life event communicates: Your center is making a life-saving difference and is worth celebrating!

Paul, Mike, Gordon, and Robert